Saturday, 30 June 2012

18 days to go!

With 2 weekends left  we knew it was time to pack up half of our remaining furniture and David's bedroom stuff. So on Friday David and I rose at 5am to avoid traffic on our journey to Wales. Unfortunately the van we hired didn't seem to want to cooperate and we ended up having to blow up a very flat tyre and wait to see how serious the leak was, before finally setting off at 6! Nevertheless the journey was ok, we purchased a supply of Krispy Kremes and had them for breakfast on route.

By 9:50 we'd arrived in Swansea and started to unpack.It was quite an eye opener unpacking the van and putting it all into a significantly smaller space. We did manage to get it all sorted and headed off to Blaenavon to see my mum...yet more driving. She wanted to go to lunch and so I ended up doing more driving to Abergavenny where we snuck up on Joe's girlfriend, Alice, whilst she was at work, much to her chagrin!

 In Iceland mum announced to the world that her credit card had been 'eaten' and made it sound so convincingly horrific that she was offered home delivery, even though she hadn't spent the minimum required to qualify. Compassion abounds in Wales I can tell you!

 Yet more driving ensued and we ended up at Joe's office a bit later than planned as we made a few wrong turns and almost ended up driving up the down ramp of the M4. A little hair raising to say the least, personally I blame the Sat Nav!

 I finally got home at 12:13am worn out and glad to get to bed. David has stayed with Joe, so it's a lovely quiet evening for me.

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