Sunday, 22 July 2012

Life in Trinidad

It's been an interesting few days.

David and I arrived on Thursday and immediately went out to eat at the Thirsty Club! This is an expat organisation that meets every Thursday to share a meal. I sat next to the social secretary of the UK Women's Club (jokes), who spent the evening alternating between informing me of everything there is to do and warning me about the dangers of Trinidad.  I had to laugh when she gave me directions to a hair dresser by referring to street names and landmarks, however, as I'd only been in the country 3 hours I was lost before she started. Something she didn't seem to realise!

Saturday morning we went to Maracus beach ( about 20 mins away) and Graham and David had a blast battling waves. We then went to Richard's and ate the famous Bake and Shark that Trinidogians love so much. Justifiably!
Last night we had a few people round for dinner. Yes, I cooked and they seemed to survive. All those present were new to Trinidad, one family arrived the day before us and had 2 daughters, one of whom is in the same position as David; 'homeless!' so they had a good chat and realised that having a 'home' in Trinidad was, in fact, rather cool and they would no doubt be the envy of their university contemporaries.

Having decided not to take the job I was offered in November I've also realised that going out to lunch everyday isn't for me and so I've emailed a theatre group that works in schools and I'm waiting to hear whether they'll let me volunteer with them.

Today we are off to church to experience a pseudo-American style service with C of E and Trinidanian influences. Should be interesting.

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