Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Only one day to go...

With only one whole day left I'm now really beginning to get excited about the move!  Today sees the first of 2 days packing for storage and things are going well.  Interestingly the first thing the team leader said when they came in was. ' Geez your house is cold!' Um, he is Polish and my house is the same temperature that it is all year round. Anyway  it seems to galvanise them into action and they have worked like slaves today, possibly to keep warm,  that I think we'll be done by 9am tomorrow. Perhaps we'll need the AC on low for a while when I get to Trinidad, just so that we can get used to the heat.

Life has slowed down considerably as school has finished and I am officially retired. Can't think of a summer that I haven't had to prepare for the following year, so this should be fun! Wondering how I can get everything into my suitcase- bought those vacuum pack bags. Brilliant invention I can put masses of things in them and still have room for my shoes in my suitcase. Pity you can't extract all the air out shoes and collapse them into a very small space really.

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