Friday, 3 August 2012

Lucinda has arrived!

Lucinder, David's girlfriend, arrived this week. She has already thrown herself into Trinidian life and eaten the famous Richard's bake and shark at Maracus beach.

Wednesday was a public holiday and  we threw Lucinder into a 'family friendly walk' that proved unfriendly due to torrential downpours; the kind of rain you get in the tropics that  even gets the insoles of your shoes wet because it's dripping off the top half of you! She bore up well and managed to smile in spite of the mud, wet, and filth around us. In fact it was so wet that even though we put our shoes in the hot sun for hours on end, they are still not dry. As part of this walk we did a beach clean up and discovered all manner of unusual things, including a venomous snake and a dead eel!

Today we are off to a preserved rainforest.Asa Wright Nature Centre for what should be a relaxing weekend.

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