Friday, 10 August 2012

Off to watch the turtles.

Well we've done a lot in the last few days. David and I suffered through the driving test. We had to learn a whole load of questions and  take a written exam that probably hasn't changed for 50 years. One road law that tickled us is: when travelling on a highway you can be stopped by anyone in charge of an animal! Additionally, I can now tell you how to estimate how much weight your light goods vehicle can carry by subtracting the TARE from the MGE. All useful stuff.

We also went to see the Batman film at a very cold cinema. Honestly the Trinis love to keep their public spaces so cold that Lucinder and I were freezing. David on the other hand was fine- good preparation for Aberystwyth!

Grande Riviere
Today we are off to Grande Riviere to watch baby turtles flee to the sea in a desperate attempt to save themselves from the jaws, claws and beaks of stronger prey. Personally I think there has to an element of sadism present to enjoy this, but I shall keep an open mind and update the blog when we get this space... for info if interested.

Baby turtles hatching from the nest and making their way to the sea.

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