Thursday, 6 September 2012

Time to go to work!

Just spent the afternoon at the Theatre and had my first taste of life in the ghetto.  I had my car guarded by a kid who looked about 18 and when I told him I wouldn’t give him any money for doing it ( advised not to by staff at Theatre) he looked most offended and told me that he was doing it because he ‘feels me’. Now I though he wanted a quick grope when I collected the car and in a way it was quite flattering, well I am an old lady and the idea of an illicit grope tickled me.  However, when I told him this would not be appropriate as I am a married lady, he looked even more befuddled and stated emphatically, ‘No man! NO! I feel you!’ Now my brain hasn’t quite deserted me so I realised there was a miscommunication so I  just smiled and nodded and walked away. It seems that what he meant was he respected me for coming into the neighbourhood to help. Bit disappointing discovering this, but one can but hope!   Even more surprisingly my car was still there 3 hours later without a scratch and he’d cleaned the windscreen. Well, cleaned is a bit of a misnomer here, smudged the existing dirt with an even dirtier rag which he had no doubt spat upon to moisten.

Anyway got a girl coming in off the street to try to sign up but she didn’t have any money and didn’t want to give her address for the government scholarship. One of the other girls knew her and said she lives underneath a food shop and begs for food. I was sceptical as she was clean and tidy and didn’t look malnourished. But after hearing her story I have grown to realise that the adage don’t judge the book by its cover is the way to go here.  As it was pointed out to me even the vagrants, who live on the park, read the daily newspaper. 

Then when I got home there were some men cutting up the wrought iron railing! I need a ‘foot’ gate because  I was climbing over the wall when the power was off and the electric gate over the driveway didn’t function. The gate is the only way in for ‘security’ reasons; which makes me laugh, if a 52 yr old woman doesn’t have much trouble jumping over the gate how is it going to stop ‘bandits’? ( yes that’s what they call bad guys- ha! ha!).

Today I fly back to the UK to help get David ready for University.

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