Thursday, 27 September 2012

We return....

Well we settled David into his rooms at University and he seems to be really enjoying himself. It was a glorious sunny day when we dropped him off and Graham and I were tempted to stay for the weekend! However we were certainly glad that we didn't because the following days they suffered torrential rain and gale force winds, David is loving it.
David outside his sea-side accommodation at Aberystwyth

Our next task was to take Dan back and settle him into his new flat, which was relatively painless for us but we were sure that Dan was glad to see us go because we were nagging him about putting things away. I had a text from him yesterday that said he has put his paint away but his clothes were going to 'hang' at the bottom of his wardrobe. Glad he has his priorities right!

Dan - colourful as ever!

With these tasks done and dusted we  headed back to Trinidad . Life here is a little hectic as everyone is now back from their summer holiday and the children have returned to school. We have dinner invitations for tonight and tomorrow and on Sunday we are attending the awards party for one of Graham's old lecturers who has been given a medal for contribution to natural sciences. It  should be an interesting afternoon.

I begin working at the theatre today and I'm looking forward to getting started. Will update you in due course.

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