Friday, 19 October 2012

Pitch Lake and Hindu temples

Exploring the south-western side of Trinidad today. First we spent a very enjoyable 'documentary tour' of the world famous pitch lake led by our guide 'Mice' also known as Carl Stafford. We weren't expecting to have to negotiate water filled gullies between the flowing layers of the pitch, but our guides were extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Next we explored San Fernando and then onto the Indian temples; The Hanuman Murti temple and the Waterloo Temple of the sea. A very enjoyable day.
Pitch Lake, La Brea ,Trinidad. This is where Sir Walter Raleigh caulked his ships in 1595.
Graham enjoyed the smell of hydrocarbons and the warm soft pitch on his bear feet!
vesicular pitch, freshly dug from just below the surface. 
John - our demonstrator - demonstrates what he can do with some liquid oil vein and a stick!
Hanuman - 85 foot heigh monkey god - the largest outside of India.
A very funny camel.
The Waterloo temple of the sea, inspired and built by  Sewdass Sadhu from 1947.

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